Back in the swing of things

by Whitney Bird in ,

It has been a long cold winter and there is finally light at the end of the tunnel.  Spring appears to be here even though I am sure we will still have some winter like weather for a few more weeks.  

I love SUMMER for so many reasons.  I love the sunshine, and the longer day.  I love being able to take Penny for walks, go golfing with my hubby, and just be outside in general.  I love that it is wedding season, and that the majority of my shoots for the year will be taking place in the next 6 months.  I love that this summer we have a lawn, and that I am getting into landscaping around our house. (so far no dead shrubs, but a couple are looking a little sickly)  I could go on and on and on about why summer is my favorite season, but instead I thought I would share what I have planned in the next couple weeks.  

This week I will be busy finishing up editing on an engagement shoot,  and I will be shooting a boudoir shoot which I am really looking forward to shooting in my new home studio for the first legitimate time.  (Penny has been testing it out)  Couples golf league start tomorrow night so hopefully Kevin and I can get a round in tonight since I have not been out this year, and I surely need the practice.  Thursday I will be heading to Three Forks for my baby sister's college graduation party.  Saturday my hubby, my parents and Carley and her boyfriend will be heading to San Diego for some beach fun and sun.  I am really looking forward to this trip for a few reasons-first the SUN, second it is the first time the six of us have vacationed together, third, I have never been to San Diego and have heard amazing things about it, and lastly I am going to talk Car and James into some fun couple beach shots while we are down there.  Plus, I am hoping to have Carley take a few of Kevin and me to update the engagement photos we have in our bedroom.  I will call them newlywed photos, and I am sure Kevin will be thrilled.  Once we get back from our trip we have the Bird Branding, Bucking Horse, lots of company, and lots of shoots.  The end of May officially signals the start of wedding season with a wedding at the Sac in Three Forks.  Busy month ahead, and I am thrilled that photography will be picking back up again.  

If you know you want a session this Summer, please contact me now so we can work out a date.  I will  be between Miles City and Bozeman a lot for weddings and weekend dates are starting to fill up.  

Well that is my update since I haven't really posted what has been going on with me for quite some time. I also haven't taken any photos of Penny in a while, and I used her to test out some new studio props and backdrops.  This first one is my favorite photo of her of all time.

Warmer weather means more shoots which also means more blog posts so check back often to see what is new with me and Whitney Lin Photography.