My Royal Wedding Dress Picks!

by Whitney Bird in

So I have to admit, I am very excited about the upcoming Royal Wedding.  Yeah, yeah I know I live in the U.S. and I am not British, and the coverage about it IS a little too much.  I mean I don't care to hear from Kate's 3rd grade piano teacher, or from the couple's butcher, but I am crazy about the wedding dress hype.  I LOVE wedding dresses, and the dress Kate wears will have a huge impact on wedding dress designs for years to come.  Plus, Kate is so stylish and has such impeccable taste that the dress will surely be something spectacular. 

I have decided to pick a few gorgeous dresses I think Kate would ROCK.  Obviously her dress will be custom designed, but here are a few of my favorite Royal Wedding dress inspirations.  

This Vera Wang dress is stunning, and colorful wedding dresses are a real trend right now.  I would love to see Kate walk down the isle in something like this.  

I am a big Marchesa fan, and think this wedding dress has a traditional ball gown feel, but love the modern neckline and bodice.  I am not always a big "fluffy" gown fan, but I LOVE this dress!  This is my runner up gown.    

Jenny Packham is a British designer, and even though her name hasn't been popping up much as a contender,  I think her designs are fit for a princess.  I could definitely see Kate in this silhouette.  She is tall and slender and would pull off this dress beautifully.  Plus it has a modern feel too it which Kate might go for. 

If it was up to me...THIS Elie Saab dress is what Kate would wear on her big day.  I love the lace detailing, and the neckline is so romantic.  Plus the full skirt is fit for a princess!   This is my winner without a doubt.

 Although, this is not a dress I would ever choose to wear, Kate just might go with something like this.  It is rumored the front runner for the dress designer is Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.  Kate just might go for something architectural and modern like this dress.  

Regardless of what she chooses, it is sure to cause waves and be the most talked about wedding dress of the decade!  I love the hype, and even though my hubby will think I am crazy, I will be setting my alarm bright and early for friday morning to tune in to all the Royal Wedding craziness.  It is after all a modern day fairy tale, and I do work in the wedding industry so I will proudly proclaim my love for the Royal Wedding madness!