Marry me, today and everyday {Bozeman, MT Wedding Photographer}

by Whitney Bird in

I must say that if my first wedding of 2011 is any indication of how wedding season will go, I have A LOT to look forward to.  There is nothing I love more about my job than photographing love-the kind that is so obvious it jumps out at you through photographs.  The love Callie and Brandon exhibit towards one another is so incredibly touching and just plain beautiful to witness.  Plus, they could not be any kinder and easy to work with.  On top of all the love and kindness, they are an absolutely stunning couple.  They are the type of couple photographers dream about!

Brandon and Callie were married on March 26th in an emotional church ceremony in Bozeman, Montana.  Callie looked beautiful and Brandon couldn't help but be overcome with emotion during their first look.  He seriously could not stop kissing her :)  Callie was an incredibly calm bride, and Brandon spent the day making her smile and laugh.  They are perfect together and perfect for one another, and it is so easy to want the best for them, because it is so easy to tell that they truly deserve it.  

Callie is a BOMBSHELL!  Such a beautiful bride.

 Together can never be close enough for me
To feel like I am close enough to you
You wear white and I'll wear out the words I love you
And you're beautiful