Because....Jami is a MOMMY!

by Whitney Bird in ,

She is finally here!  Meet Miss Jemma.  She is the daughter of my one of my oldest and best friends, Jami.  I have known Jami for over ten years and could not be happier for her even though I still have a tough time believing she is a mom.  Motherhood however suits Jami beautifully, and Brian is such a proud and wonderfully attentive new dad.  They are both crazy about their new baby, and who could blame them.  She is an absolute DOLL!  Seriously, she is perfect.  I feel very lucky to have been able to spend the last couple of afternoons with new baby Jemma, and even though I mainly wanted to just cuddle and swoon over the litte cutie, I couldn't resist bringing my camera.  Jemma is quite the model which is a good thing since I have a feeling she will spend lots of time in front of a camera. 

One smokin hot mamma+ one handsome father =beautiful Jemma.

Congrats Brian and Jami on your perfect little girl.  I could not be happier for you both.  You will be such great parents.  Jemma is a very lucky little girl.  xoxo