Because...It is Valentines day!

by Whitney Bird in ,

So I know that there have not been many new photo posts lately, and I actually have a really great excuse for it.  I have been shooting boudoir sessions for the past month, and I can't really share those sessions for two reasons-most of them are surprises, and boudoir photos are really very private in nature.  I am hoping to talk a few ladies into letting me share a couple of their photos, however it is completely up to them so it just might not happen.  (If you are interested in a boudoir shoot,  I do have some photos I can share with you privately.)  I feel very blessed with how popular the boudoir sessions were this Valentines day.  I shot 7 sessions in the past 3 weeks, and since other than on my blog and facebook I didn't advertise them, I feel incredibly grateful that my beautiful clients referred their beautiful friends to me.  I have wonderful clients, and I feel confident now that the boudoir side of my business will continue to grow because these women will continue to share their experience and their photos with their girlfriends.  A referral is really the best compliment a photographer can get, and I am very thankful for them.  

On another note, I feel a little guilty about my own Valentines day plans this year.  I have been so busy working on accordian albums, and print orders for others, that my poor husband has taken a backseat this year.  To be honest, I don't think he minds me not making today a big deal for once, and we will get to spend some time together tonight.  However, it might just be a homecooked meal, with some cheap champagne and box made brownies.  This doesn't mean I love you any less kb.  There is no where I'd rather be then home after a busy weekend with my sweatheart eating brownies and drinking champagne.  I love you Kevin-today and everyday!  

Here is a little Valentines day card I made to share with you all this year.  Please don't be too critical of the photo.  It was shot using my camera's self timer in our family room in 5 minutes.