Because...He is brand new. {Bozeman, MT Newborn Photographer}

by Whitney Bird in ,

How can something so tiny manage to just completely captivate you?  I could have stayed and photographed little Tevin all day long.  He is such a doll and at only 13 days old, he already has such a cute little personality.  Well cute and funny, he gave both mom and dad a lovely little shower while he was out of his diaper.   

You may recognize Tevin's parents.  I have shot their engagement photos, wedding, Tana's baby belly, and now their first born.  It is such an honor for me that they have allowed me to photograph so many special moments for them.  Over the past couple of years they have not only become some of my favorites clients, they have also become friends.  

Now back to Tevin, isn't he handsome?  The first thing I noticed about him was how perfect his skin is.  Usually babies at 13 days old have a little baby acne.  Tevin however had none.  Tevin also decided he wanted to be awake for most of the shoot, which is also a little unusual.  Most babies are content to sleep the whole time, not this little guy.  He definitely has a mind of his own.
I love the above and below photos.  So precious. 

 I love new daddies with their new babies...It always melts my heart.

Congrats Tana and Jaime on your beautiful baby!  He is perfect, and you two are going to be the best parents.  He is such a lucky little fella.