Pretty Miss Shainy Mae {Three Forks, MT Photographer}

by Whitney Bird in , ,

Meet Shainy Mae Mack.  Shainy is not only my cousin, she is also my God Daughter, and I love her to pieces!  This fall I asked Shainy if she would mind helping me out with a quick shoot.  I had an idea for a new product I wanted to get ordered, and I wanted to shoot specifically for that product.  I wanted the photos to look timeless and elegant, and also show Shainy's personality.  She is such a little model, and very used to having her photo taken.  When Shainy was a baby, and I was in High School, she became my favorite subject.  She is one of the reasons why I fell in love with shooting babies and children.   She has a wide range of facial expressions, and she is just so darn cute!  

I wanted to wait and share these photos when I had the product to photograph as well so at the bottom of the post you will find the accordion mini album I made with Shainy's photos.

The above and below photos are my favorites from the shoot.

I also love the below photo because it is a genuine Shainy smile :)

Here are the accordion mini albums which are also calendars that I mentioned earlier.  They are wallet sized so they are perfect to carry around in your purse!  These would be great gifts for grandparents, and other family members!

On another note,  I just wanted to say how much fun it was to shoot Shainy, not only because we are family, but also because it isn't very often that I shoot one child at this age.  What I mean is that I shoot babies and I shoot families, and brothers and sisters, but I don't ever really get to dedicate a whole shoot to a child at Shainy's age.  Why not schedule a session of just one of your children, maybe the youngest since you probably don't have a lot of photos of just them.  Plus, I think is this a perfect idea for little girls, who love to dress up, and would love a shoot all to themselves.  So if you book a session for just one child between the age of three and 16 for the months of January and February you will receive three free accordion mini albums with your session as a gift!  Please contact me today to book your session.