Perfect Pair-Tom and Alisha {Billings, MT Engagement Photographer}

by Whitney Bird in

I met up with Alisha and Tom yesterday at the Riverfront Park in Billings, MT.  Even though this was our first meeting, I instantly felt at ease with these two.  Alisha and I seem to have quite a bit in common.  We are both Nikon users, we both love shoes, and we both have significant others that have to travel to North Dakota for work frequently.  I know this last one sounds a little funny, but we both run into the same issues with making plans and things like that.  

These two take such amazing photos, and I can not wait to photograph their wedding!  They are so cute together, and they really seem like best friends.  Plus, it was obvious that they both care tremendously for one another, and they were quite comfortable kissing in front of the camera. :)  After Riverfront Park we headed to downtown Billings to wander the alleys.  I have to say that I am glad Tom was a good sport because alley shots are my new favorites!  

 I LOVE the below location!  Shooting in alleys is kind of like a treasure hunt, and I would consider this a real gem.