Miss Charlie & Mommy Emily {Bozeman, MT Family Photographer}

by Whitney Bird in ,

I definitely have a baby crush on little miss Charlie!  Her chubby cheeks are perfectly pinch-able,  her skin is so smooth and soft, and she makes the cutest little snorting noises.  Plus, she actually seems to like having her picture taken which is an added bonus!

I have been looking forward to this shoot since the first time I photographed Charlie when she was only a few days old.  (Click here to view Charlie's newborn session)  She was cute then, and I have to say she has only gotten cuter.  Plus, she is one seriously photogenic baby.  These were shot earlier today, and I couldn't wait to get home and get them posted.  We were lucky enough to have a nice enough day to do the shoot outside which I was thrilled about since I LOVE shooting babies outdoors.  Plus, we were able to take some of mommy Emily with her little bundle, and it was so heart warming to watch her with Charlie.  Charlie is a lucky little lady to have such an awesome and loving mother.

I love the above photo-such a cutie pie

You are one Hot Momma Emily!  

The above photo is my favorite!

Gotta love a smiling baby!  So good to see you and your baby girl Emily.  I can't believe how big she has gotten.  I hope to see you girls soon.

Ok....So I have lots of great shoots and blog posts coming up.  I have been in Three Forks/Bozeman for the past few days, and I have a few more shoots lined up before I will head back to Miles City on Saturday afternoon.  The mini sessions on Sunday were a blast, and I should have a blog post ready later this week!  Tomorrow I will be at the Sacajawea Hotel to take some photos of their gorgeous rooms, and to photograph some delicious food from Pompey's Grill.  Thursday I have a family shoot at a Pumpkin Patch in Bozeman, and I have an engagement session to shoot on Saturday.  I will be sharing all of that on my blog very soon!