Sunday Fun!

by Whitney Bird in

Awe how I love Sundays. Sometimes I spend my Sundays shooting photos, other Sundays are spent golfing, some are spent with family, and some like today, are spent at home. I try not to edit on Sundays if I can help it, but sometimes that can't be avoided. This evening I will spend some time editing because I really want to get a good jumpstart on the week, but I also want to spend some time updating my web page and working on an idea for upcoming mini sessions. I am also looking forward to watching my favorite show tonight-Mad Men. I am crazy about the imagery on that show-I wish I woke up every day and put that much energy into how I looked-the women of that time were stunning and classically beautiful. I love all things vintage so I am quite obsessed with the show.

As for updating my website, I really needed a few new photos of myself for my "Whitney" section. The one I have on my website is a few years old, and is in desperate need of updating. My sister was passing through today, and she was kind enough to snap a few quick photos of me. These are my favorites...

I think it is good for me to every once in awhile be in front of the lens...It makes me think about what can make having photos taken somewhat awkward for people...For me it is not smiling or the "serious face." I have never liked a photo of myself not smiling so I don't really attempt it anymore. I do however always ask my clients to not smile or to give me a sexy look in some photos-some people absolutely ROCK it, and others just don't quite pull it off as well. If you are like me, and hate it...Just tell me and I will stop asking for it :)

Of course I had to take a couple with my puppy Penny. However, today we were calling her pig "pen" because she had just shoved her face in the wet grass and mud, and she had some of last night's spaghetti in her hair. (the spaghetti was absolutely my hubby's fault) She is also starting to look a little raggedy so it might be time for a haircut

This last one is my favorite. These were shot in front of an old bowling alley that is no longer open. I just love the colors.

I really want to start including some more personal blog posts. I feel like it is important for potential clients to get to know me before they ever meet me. It is my goal to make your photography experience as comfortable as possible, and I truly want you to walk away from it saying, "That was a lot of fun." I also want people to know how willing I am to travel to you for photos. I recently moved to Miles City when I married my husband, but I still photograph in the Gallatin Valley a ton. Most of my weddings are in the Bozeman area, and I spent half of my Summer in Bozeman/Three Forks for weddings and portrait sessions. (I do not charge extra for traveling to the Gallatin Valley.) Kevin, is on location for work a lot, so it is easy for me to head home to visit my family, and friends and to work a couple times a month while he is out of town. (after our crazy busy summer, we are just now getting to enjoy married life) I try to schedule as many sessions as possible for when I am in the Bozeman area, so please don't ever hesitate to ask when I'll be available for photos. Odds are it will be sooner than you think.

As for the mini sessions I mentioned earlier, well some of the details are still being ironed out but the tentative date is October 10th, and they will be in Three Forks, MT. I will be announcing all the details early this week, and I will also be offering a discount for the first three sessions booked!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!