Matt and Cassandra + their little ladies {Miles City, MT Family Photographer}

by Whitney Bird in ,

Sometimes you walk away from a shoot so completely excited about it that you can't wait to get home to your computer.  This was exactly that type of shoot.  Cassandra and Matt didn't seem stressed or nervous at all.  They were incredibly comfortable from the get go.  Baby Sloane was smiling the second I laid eyes on her, and Memphis was full of energy and excitement.  I think kids do much better in front of the camera when their parents are comfortable, and Memphis and Sloan were little Rockstars in front of the camera.  

I love photographing children in part because I can give them some direction, but they really don't need much direction to be adorable.  It is very different than shooting seniors, and weddings because seniors and couples want more direction.  They want to be told how to pose and where to look.  It doesn't work that way with kids, because they are gonna do what they want, and the photos end up conveying their personality in a way that I could never plan for.   

Although I think traditional portraits like the one below are important, I also think the spontaneous moments caught on camera are a more realistic portrait of a family.  The spontaneous portraits are the ones that tug on your heart strings just a little because they bring you back to that moment.  They are an accurate portrayal of your children at that moment in time.  

 Aren't these two just the cutest sisters ever?  This one is my favorite of the girls.

Sloane's face in the above photo is so stinking cute.  This is my favorite of all four of them.

Memphis was such a little model and look at those eyelashes!   

Thanks Cassandra and Matt for letting me spend the afternoon with you and your cutie pies!