Bown Eyed Girl-Tessa

by Whitney Bird in

Tess is my husband's cousin which now makes her my cousin. (the fact that I tripled my family members a few months ago still blows my mind)  We shot these out at my new family's ranch, and I couldn't be happier with the locations.  I shoot out at ranches and farms a lot, and I am always so thrilled with what you can find.  Ranches make some of the most naturally beautiful backgrounds and the Bird ranch is no exception.  Combine that with a beautiful girl with stunning eyes, flawless skin, and a perfect smile, and it is pretty much impossible to not end up with good photos.  Plus, the shoot itself was a blast.  Tess is very easy to be around, and her mom was a big help in the hair/clothing malfunction area.  We probably could have spent another 2 hours taking photos had we not lost the sun.  

I am doing a few more photos of Tess next week, and we are also doing some photos of her family as well so you have not seen the last of her which makes me very happy :)  
I had a really tough time choosing a favorite so I chose two-they are the first two photos.  I love her soft smile in the first one and I love the pose and old truck in the second.  Plus, I'm crazy about the light in both of them.