Brand New Bobcat-Kalli Durham

by Whitney Bird in

Meet my gorgeous cousin Kalli. She has such a wonderfully big smile, an even bigger heart, and she is an outrageously talented athlete on top of being a great student. After high school, Kalli will be joining the Montana State Women's Basketball team, and she couldn't be more deserving. It has been something she has been working for for years, and I couldn't be more proud of her. Actually, the whole family is extremely proud and insanely excited. We are all HUGE Cat fans.

My sister Carley joined us on the shoot, and we traveled to Rosebud and Forsyth for these photo locations. (Carley was on hair and puppy duty) Kalli was a little nervous about the photos, and I have no idea why. She is a knockout and so photogenic. We are planning on one more shoot in the fall where Kalli can wear her volleyball and basketball uniforms, and we can take some family photos as well. Good luck on your upcoming school year, your volleyball season, and of course, your basketball season! I can't wait to come cheer you on. Lots of love to you.

I love this one of her just makes me smile to see that kind of laughter :)

Of course she had to wear an MSU shirt- GO CATS GO!