The Mack Family

by Whitney Bird in

So I have been a terrible blogger the past couple months!  The holidays alone are not a good enough excuse, but I am also in the middle of planning my own wedding which has kept me quite busy lately.  I am not complaining however, I LOVE the wedding planning- and I love all things wedding so I have been a kid in a candy store lately.

Even though these photos were taken awhile ago, it was important that I share them with you.  Lou and Bill are my aunt and uncle, and therefore Shann, Shelby, Shayla, and Shainy are my cousins.  I am only a couple years older than Shann ( the oldest Mack kid), and we have always been close, but I am also very close to the 3 girls as well.  Shainy (the youngest) is my god daughter and she will be a junior bridesmaid in my wedding.  Shelby (the blondest) and Shayla are two of the easiest chicks to be around.  Shelby is hilariously ditzy, and Shayla is the type of person that just makes you comfortable.  She has so much going for her, (they all do) but it has never gone to her head.   Lou (my mom's sister) has been much like a second mother to me, and Bill has always been a wonderfully supportive member of our family.  I love them and appreciate everything they have done for me.  They are supportive of my photography, they let me stick a camera in their face whenever I want, they are thrilled about my upcoming wedding, and I am so so lucky to have them as family and most importantly friends.  You are such a beautiful family!  Thank you so much for all you have done, and all you will continue to do for me.

Aren't they a gorgeous family?

Shainy keeps everyone laughing all the time-she has a wonderful sense of humor and great facial expressions.

They really do get along that well.

Are you happy now Shelb?  :)